Artist’s Chronology

Diana LoMeiHing is born in Hong Kong, lives in China and moves to Italy at the age of ten.

Graduates with High Honors in painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts University, Milan. Final thesis discussed with Prof. Raffaele De Grada: The Image ofBuddha, from India to China.

Collaborates with writings and illustrations for the book’s series “Pagine di Ecologia” of the Province of Bolzano, Italy.

As actress presenter of the documentary Un Salto

In Cina, with the director and documentary maker Giovanni Cecchinato, in collaboration with the Italian Chinese Institute, sponsored by Swissair.

Authors 186 Ricette e un metodo facile per la Cucina Cinese, Milan, Italy: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A.: translated into four languages with many editions, a best seller in the world.

Authors Step By Step Chinese Cooking, introduced by Kenneth Lo. First published in Great Britain in 1983 by Century Publishing Co, Ltd.

Awarded First Prize for Illustrated Book at the 1986 Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany.

Authors The Joy of Chinese Cooking. NY: Greenwich House, 1983.

Author of the script of the Chinese Cuisine and Traditions for a RAI television program “School and Education Department” and participating in the realization with the TV Director Fantoni. Rome, Italy.

Author of the cover and illustration in watercolor for the book Macrobiotica by Michio Kushi, RED Editore, Como, Italy.

Listed as contemporary artist in Modern Art Catalog, Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori, Milan, Italy.

A selected watercolor “Adagiarsi nel monte Fu” published in the Art Magazine Arte of Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori with art criticism. Milan, Italy. Number 210, September.

Design for silk fabrics for ties of Tessitura Serica Molinelli of Como, Italy, exclusively for Mark & Spencer of Great Britain.

Authors Chinesisch Kochen. München, Germany: BLV Verlagsgesellschaft mbH.

Invitation of KIDP (South Korean Government) as a teacher for the “Design Advisory & Consultation Program” seminar for fabric designs and industrial designs.

Creates microfiber designs for Seoul Products Co. Ltd. Seoul, South Korea. Doptik Ag. Zurich, Switzerland, BON-Wahhlstedt, Germany and Denmark.

Studies the engraving workshop at the Brera Academy of Fine Art of Milan with Prof. Angela Occhipinti, technique already studied during the years 1974 - 1978 in the same University Academy of Fine Art with Prof Pietro Diana.

Illustrates the covers of the First and Second volumes of Il Canto di Lode for the Paoline Editoriale Libri, and illustration for the book La poesia del Natale by the same publisher, Milan, Italy.

Teaches Art Courses in Liceo Artistico delle Orsoline San Carlo in Milan, Italy. She studied there for five years (1970 - 1975) before University.

Author of articles, poetry and watercolor paintings are published on Pagine Zen, news on Zen and on Asian Culture. January 2001 - January 2005.

Author of an etching-ceramolle for the Art Magazine Grafica d’Arte, n. 72. Edi.Artes. Milan, Italy. October - December

Person designated as a member of the management committee of the Brixen Civic Gallery, Brixen, BZ, Italy.

Project and Curator with Christine Matha in “Der geheime Garten-Il Giardino Segreto-The Secret Garden” for an Event Exhibition with International Artists in Open Air in the Historical Elephant Hotel Garden in Brixen, BZ, Italy (First time Art Exhibition open to the public). May through November.

Initiates, organizes and curates a series of exhibitions and events supporting the Asian elephant in collaboration with the Museum of Natural History of Milan, Museum of Chiusa, Asian Elephant Foundation TAEF, WWF ITALIA and Brera Academy of Fine Arts University in Milan. Donation of 20 Art paintings for auction for the Art Project Save the Asian Elephants in Natural History Museum of Milan and in other galleries and museum in North Italy.

Donation for auction of Ten Art works for the Art Project of Artist Ingrid Mair Zischg for “L’arte non trema” in different Italian cities (Brixen, Merano, Bologna, Torino, Modena) to help the students after the earthquake in Emilia to rebuild their school. November.

Commences artistic activities between Italy and the United States.

Artist in residence at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, China. November 2-30.

Gives a major presentation on Chinese culture during Expo Milan 2017.

Selected as an artist of the Portland Art Museum-Rental Sales Gallery, which has shown her paintings since 2017.

Persone, an RAI3 program features Diana’s career as an artist, writer, poet and proponent of Chinese culture. September, 2019.

BREATHING TAO. Book with Interviews Of Diana LoMeiHing by Dr. W. Sheldon Hurst base on Translated Chapters from Lao-Tzu’s TaoTeChing by Red Pine with Paintings by Diana LoMeiHing.

Artist’s Exhibitions

Selected Solo and Group

MONTAGNE MARI E TARTARUGHE - Galleria Goethe Galerie, Bozen, BZ, Italy. January 10 - February 28.

LOMEIHING - Watercolor Paintings. Municipal Gallery, Chiavari, GE, Italy. November.

LA TARTARUGA PIETRIFICATA - Watercolor paintings. Galleria Meneghina, Milan, Italy. May 15-29.

LOMEIHING - Watercolor Paintings. Galleria Meneghina, Milan, Italy. November 1-30.

LOMEIHING - Watercolor and Poetry. Circolo Carducci, Milan, Italy. Sponsored by Associazione Italia Cina. April 13-30.

LOMEIHING - Watercolor painting. Civic Gallery of Brixen, Brixen, BZ, Italy.

LO MEI HING - Watercolor paintings. Il Nuovo Fanale, Genoa, Italy. November 4-December 1.

CINA E CINESI - A two Persons Art Exhibition in Salone della Proloco, Inalzo, VA / supported by Chinese General Council of Milan and Associazione Italia Cina, Milan, Italy. May 14-May 30.

LO MEI HING - Watercolor and Poetry. Il Circolo Artistico e Culturale, Ortisei - St. Ulrich, BZ, Italy. August 10-25.

LO MEI HING - Watercolor paintings. Galleria Municipale, Appiano BZ, Italy. April 29 - May 5.

LO MEI HING - Watercolor painting. Cassa di Risparmio Gallery, Caldaro, BZ, Italy. May.

ECHI D’ANTICO - Watercolor painting. In Cascina Grande, Spazio Espositivo, Rozzano, MI, Italy. Sponsored by the Department of Culture and the Municipality. April-May.

LoMeiHing & Zheng Rong - Watercolor painting. Spazio Espositivo Guicciardini, Milan, Italy. Sponsored by Association Italy-China, Province of Milan and the Consulate General of China in Milan, Italy. June 26July 10.

LoMeiHing: LO SPIRITO DELLA ROCCIA - Watercolor painting. Il Torchio di Porta Romana Art Gallery, Milan, Italy. October 22-November 8.

LoMeiHing & Zheng Rong : COLORI AL FEMMINILE - Associazione Italia Cina, Milan, Italy. May 18-June 17.

SUSSURRI - Watercolor painting. Arte Giappone Gallery, supported by Japanese Association, Milan, Italy. November 18-December 4.

SOGNO - Paintings, Sculptures and Poetry. Galleria Artemondo, Saronno, MI, Italy. January 20-February 17.

VOLI DI ORGANZA - Nettuno spazio d’arte. Villa Litta, Milan, Italy. September 13-November 13.

LO MEI HING - Al di la delle Nubi. Watercolor paintings. Spazio Santabarbara Gallery, Milan, Italy. November 22-December 4.

L’aria delle colline e il vino come colore e poesia.

Two Persons exhibition. Spazio Arte Caligaris Antichi Granai del Castello, Costigliole d’Asti, Asti, Italy. November 7-30.

Berge Gewasser Schildkron - Monti Acque Tartarughe - LoMeiHing: Aquerelle und Andere Dinge. Mineralheibad Andeer, CH, Switzerland. November 22, 2003-July 26, 2004.

LO MEI HING - Four paintings Mixed Media on canvas. International Artexpo Monte Carlo 2004. Sponsored by Santabarbara Arte Contemporanea of Milan. Monte Carlo. March 18-21.

PENTA: A two-person exhibition - Lo Mei Hing & Maria Luise Campei. Civic Art Gallery in Brixen BZ - Italy - December 2007.

POSTCARD FROM SHANGHAI - Galleria Portici, Brixen, BZ, Italy. Sponsored by “Circolo Artistico San Erardo” of Brixen, BZ, Italy. December 14-24.

SECRET GARDEN - Collettive in Giardino Marzari. Sponsored by Hotel Elephant, Brixen, BZ, Italy. May thru October.

FLYING ELEPHANTS - Project SAVE THEM - Collettive Art Painting and Auction in Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano. January.

HEAVEN’S GATE - Galleria Kompatscher, Brixen, BZ, Italy. October 3-November 3.

AQUA MONTIS: Diana LoMeiHing & Bill Hornaday

in Art Studio 38 Gallery, Milan, Italy. Sponsored by ShouLaShou, Chinese Association of Milan. February 15-22.

AQUA MONTIS: Diana LoMeiHing & Bill Hornaday

in Galerie Kompatscher, Brixen, BZ, Italy. March 7-15.

Diana LoMeiHing - Artist in Residence. Sponsored by Red Gate Gallery - Beijing, China. Novembre 2-30.

Since 2017 Diana LoMeiHing exhibits in RSG Portland Art Museum of Portland OR, USA.

Songs of Freedom: Inside & Out.

Two simultaneous Solo Exhibitions in SBLU Spazioalbello Gallery and in San Vittore Prison’s Circondary House, Milan, Italy. November 7-21.

MY SECRET GARDEN - SBLU Spazioalbello Gallery, Milan, Italy. November 10-22.

DIANA LO MEI HING - Ten photographs selected. Blue Sky/Oregon Center for Photographic Arts. Portland, Oregon, USA. April 2017 - April 2018.

Forty photographs in a two-person exhibition - DIANA LO MEI HING & BILL HORNADAY in Milan’s Braidens National Library - Mediateca. Santa Teresa, Italy. This exhibition was also part of MilanPhotofestival 14th, and it was covered nationally on RAI’s TG3. May 2019.

VISIONS OF DIANA - Fifty paintings and forty photographs. Solo exhibition. Portland Chinatown Museum, Portland, Oregon, USA. November 2019-May 2021.

Breathing Tao - Sixty paintings. ArtReach Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA. November 2020-February 2021.

MOUNTAIN AND DRAGONFLY - Forty new paintings, most of which were painted during the pandemic. Portland Chinatown Museum. Portland, Oregon, USA. August-October 2021.

Diana LoMeiHing with SILKWORM METAMORPHOSIS in First Int. Design exhibition of Silkworm Culture, Tongxiang, China. October 1 - 15.

ArtReach Gallery Presents

Diana LoMeiHing in BREATHING TAO

Presentation & Book signing

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Edited by W. Sheldon Hurst

Portland OR, USA.

Diana LoMeiHing in The Hidden Colors of the Moon.

Three paintings are selected for this international exhibition. The International Contest - Calanca Biennale. Switzerland.

Diana LoMeiHing, AIR - Artist in Residence in University Club of Portland, Oregon, USA.