Artist Statement

I have tried to investigate my inner world, to reveal it by using the language of art in order to express feelings, emotions, frustrations, passion, love, fear and sufferings, all that is in me and that is in everybody, opening my painting to get a different vision, unexpected and unimaginable.

The unimaginable is the word which better represents, in my view, the definition of the outcome of this artistic transposition of emotions in these works.

My state of mind is like clouds on a windy day, I am in constant motion, ceaseless, because thoughts are transitory and fleeting and constantly changing.

I felt the necessity to describe these feelings in painting, and abstraction is the artistic language which comes closest to what it needs to describe these ephemeral emotions.

It was an utterly unpredictable undertaking, unimaginable since nothing could be sketched beforehand, otherwise it would have been arranged reconstruction. Memory, hope, suffering and joy cannot be rationally managed; my work therefore requires total and intimate participation of my soul, so there we are again, “the alphabet of the heart”!

It is not easy to accompany these thoughts with color and the various materials at hand without actively participating with one’s heart, and this stage of work can also be traumatic with the most hidden thoughts being evoked and stimulated, giving way to moments of suffering, exhaustion, impotence, excitement but also to a lot of joy.

Finally the work is completed and I myself am often quite astonished; it goes beyond the unimaginable with the unexpected waiting on the other side which might be frightening, but our mind is constantly looking for the unpredictable, like clouds on a windy day.

Diana Lomeihing, 2015